Say Hello to My Little Friend!

If you have been following my sewing machine saga, you can join my husband in rejoicing that it is finally over! I BOUGHT A NEW MACHINE! So excited! After much debate on old vs. new vs. computerized vs. throwing the old one out the window….I went with the Husqvarna Viking Sapphire 930. And she is beautiful.


I decided to stay with the Viking (I had a Designer SE with the embroidery attachment) because I am familiar with it and I have oodles of attachments and those babies aren’t cheap! I didn’t go with an embroidery option, because I just don’t use it and the extra cost didn’t make sense for me. I purchased my machine from The Sewing Cottage in Andrews, Texas. I had a wonderful time meeting Norma and Kelly. They were kind and helpful and we had so much fun! If you are ever in the area, you really must stop by and see them. (she has a FABULOUS 30’s section too!). I also added the expanded sewing table and I can’t wait to try it! If you do not have a Husqvarna Viking dealer near you, you can check out the machine here: Sapphire 930 (affiliate).

Hmmm….now she needs a name! Sounds like a good reason to have a giveaway! What should we give away? I’m thinking someone out there would really like to have a Gingher Rotary Cutter!ODJFOEE2QTk2ODBFNjNEOUI4ODQ6ZmUxZmQ3ZmViZGU0ZTUyNzU4YmUwMzEyOWFmZWVkZDg6Ojo6OjA=

To enter the giveaway, you need to:

  1. Subscribe to my Blog (subscribe link in the sidebar and bottom of page) and
  2. Leave a comment below with your name suggestion

The winner will be chosen Friday, March 23rd at noon!

Thank you for following along and for helping me choose a name! I’ve got to run! My classes start back up tomorrow and right now I’ve got some sewing to do!!!

Have  a peachy day!


96 thoughts on “Say Hello to My Little Friend!

  1. I usually don’t name my machine so this is hard! How about Nolly, a combination of Norma and Kelly, who sold you the machine?

    I follow the blog through email.

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  2. Funny – I call all my machines “My Girl”, they don’t seem to mind. I guess I am a little like George Forman, except no number. Since yours in a Sapphire, maybe she is just Gem.

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  3. I receive your newsletter. About a name, first thought of “Jewel” as she is a Sapphire after all! Then I thought you should name her a variation of your hubby’s name! It would probably tickle him! Lol!

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  4. Victoria Sophia (Viking Sapphire) or Vicky for short. But you have that whole full name going for if she ever acts up!! (like when mom says your full name and you know you’re really in trouble!) lol

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  5. I have the very same Viking machine and love it sooo much! I do have a Viking Ruby too, for embroidery….nothing beats a Viking (or two)! I haven’t named my Sapphire, but I should. If you name yours Stella, I’ll name my Bella (or vice versa). 🙂

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  6. Such a sleek, pretty machine! I haven’t named mine but can’t wait to see what you decide is perfect for her. Perhaps Samantha for the magic she’ll surely conjure for you?

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  7. I like the name Jewel. I have ordered a sewing machine this week (Baby Lock Aria) and will receive it this weekend! Due to circumstances in ordering this machine, I will be calling mine Santa Ana (probably Annie for short).

    I follow your blog through email.

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