Circus Quilt for the Grands!

Hello! I took a break from my summer courses and made this fun quilt! The name of this pattern is Candy Bloom Quilt and it is a free pattern you can download here. When I first saw this pattern, shared by  Monique @ Friends of Farmhouse Quilts I knew I had to make it with these super fun Backyard Circus prints by Ella Blue. When we finally move into our new place here in Odessa, I plan to have a grandkid room and this is my first item for that room!

Be sure to download the triangle template too. I traced mine onto a piece of cardboard and used that for my template. Cutting the triangles is pretty easy. I used a marking pen that washes out to mark my triangles. Be sure to look at the quilt layout page and number your triangle stacks! I also made row markers and pinned them to my rows as I finished them so I would know which strip went where. This makes putting the quilt together so much easier. Note that I did mix up rows 6 and 7 but who can tell?! So, don’t panic if you do something like that. AND I had a senior moment whilst sewing on my binding and totally forgot to fold it in half (pic below). Hello Mr. Seam Ripper! Anyway…

I am so happy I went with my gut and big stitch hand quilted this! I used DMC Red 321 No. 8 floss and an embroidery needle. It took a while to get the hang of it but I think it really added that special something. I also big stitched the binding, just for fun! I also had my favorite sidekick Fezzik to “help” me along the way!


I have a few weeks before classes start back up, so I am thinking of working on my Lori Holt Bee Happy cutting, which is currently half finished in about a zillion plastic bags! I hope you are enjoying the rest of your summer and I would love to see what you are working on! Let me know if you make this fun and easy quilt!

Stay Peachy My Friends!



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