Winner! Winner!

Today is the day to find out who wins the Gingher Rotary Cutter and what I named my new machine. First, I must say, WOW! I am overwhelmed by all of the amazing name ideas and so thankful for all of the lovely comments and support I have received from so many people! I love the online quilting world! What a wonderful, supportive group!

I received over 100 comments with name ideas for my new machine. I loved them all! So many great ideas and stories behind them. Many people suggested a Viking name. The one that stuck with me was Thor, because he was a Viking and my machine is a Viking. However, what really got me was the comment, “Who says your machine is a female?”. Hmmmm. Very interesting. So, I started thinking about Thor, which naturally led me to the TV show Vikings and I thought, eh, that show’s kind of violent and not really a quilting inspiration. My mind then traveled to the Avenger franchise and the Thor movies. And then, I had a revelation! In my mind I saw this beautiful face:


This is actor, Chris Hemsworth, who plays Thor. Now, I could sew with HIM all day. So, I have decided to name my machine Mr. Hemsworth. Because, really, who doesn’t want to sew with him all day?? Thank you Janet T for the inspiration! You are the winner! Please send me your address in an email to

I must also give a shout out to judihartman2015 who suggested: “Sweet Thang, because you know you’re gonna say that when you walk into the room. Hey, Sweet Thang!” OMG I am still laughing about that one!!!

Mr. Hemsworth and I have been busy! My anatomy and physiology class started back up this week and yesterday I needed a study break! So Mr. H and I worked on my Dresden Plate quilt that I am determined to finish before I grow too old! If you follow me on Facebook (which you should!) I posted these pictures yesterday with the inquiry: border or no border? The overwhelming response was, BORDER! So, I am going to go with my original inclination and add a piano key border. I need to assess my fabric situation to make sure I have enough, but I think I do. I’ll update you with my progress!


Thank you all for your support and for helping me name my machine!

Have a peachy day!

Wendy and Mr. Hemsworth




Free to Be Me!

I love to write. I mean, I absolutely LOVE to write. The problem is, I let life get in the way and I don’t take the time to write and before you know it, several months have passed and what have I written? “That’s a big NOTHING for the win, Pat!” (sorry, channeling Wheel of Fortune there for a second). Anyway, all of that to say, I’m sorry to you and to myself for neglecting both of us! I am going to attempt to do better.

Starting Four Peaches Fabric has been an interesting experience for me. I have learned a lot about fabric, patterns, blogs, quilters, Social Media (Instagram scared the Dickens out of me!), and I have learned a lot about what I like and don’t like. I like fabric. I like fabric a lot and I like helping people experience fabric and the amazing things you can do with it even more. My main frustration as a new shop owner is budget. Budget really should be a four letter word that should not be uttered in public company. Ugh. With a new shop budget, there is no way to have everything in your shop that you want to have. This forces you to pick and choose and try to figure out what people will like. Very stressful. And then, once you have that figured out, you feel like you have to find projects that support your fabric and patterns and this really limits your creative ability and totally stresses you out, because what you’d really like to be doing is just helping people create and have fun!! Whew! Just typing that was stressful! So, I have decided to be true to you and to myself and make a few changes around here. I still have Four Peaches and we will continue to provide you cool stuff at fair prices, however, you will also start to see things that I think are cool. These may be projects, or patterns or nifty gadgets. They may or may not include affiliate links (that means if you click the link and purchase the item, I get a small commission). The point is, I want to be free to be me and that means giving myself the freedom to be my crazy, creative self. I’m freeing myself from the anti-creative chains people!!  Be on the lookout for new, exciting things in the future.

Now, onto what I’m working on! If you follow me on social media, you know that I am taking nursing classes and just finished finals! That means Spring break baby! No beaches and partying for this college girl (read grandma)! That means sewing, sewing and more sewing! I started my beloved Dresden Plate four (yes four) years ago and I am determined to finish it! I didn’t start with a pattern, I just knew what I wanted in my head and went for it. My blocks are 22″ and I decided I wanted to hand applique each plate to each block (hence the four year span!). Once I finished that, I decided I would attempt the quilt as you go (QAYG) method with sashing. I have my rows of four done and now I need to attach those and figure out a border.

I hope to have a finished quilt to show you soon! I’d love to hear about/see what you’re working on right now! Drop me a message!

Happy creating, and remember to be true to yourself!