“…living a purposeful, joy-filled life is so important.”

You ever have one of those days that completely changes your perspective on the world? I’m talking about a moment in a day that refocuses your direction, a moment that reminds you of what’s truly important in life. I had one of those moments yesterday and I knew in my heart that what I’m about to tell you is the right thing for me. I have been contemplating Four Peaches Fabric and the roll it plays in my life.

I started 4PF with a dreamy goal of becoming the next Jenny Doan (Missouri Star). I had wild ambitions of starting online, someday owning my own shop and becoming a sewing ambition to the masses! It didn’t take long for reality to sit in. Being a sewing ambition is incredibly exhausting and shockingly expensive! It is amazing to me that so many quilt shops survive considering the huge cost involved. You can never carry everything you want to carry and trying to figure out what appeals to the most people is a crap shoot that even Vegas odds wouldn’t touch. The thing that really shocked me, however, is how much all of this process stole my joy. Quilting was no longer something I looked forward to. It became a task. Every project was a stress-filled selection of choosing a pattern I could carry. How many could I buy? What fabrics could I carry that go with it? How in the world would I get people to notice it? Websites! Shipping! AHHH! Joy gone, out the window. Until I discovered….blogging.

I do love to write and I love to share my crazy life with people. Along this journey I have been blessed to discover several bloggers and I started to realize that Four Peaches is a calling, I just answered it wrong! I have started to place my energy into blogging about fabrics, patterns and all things that interest me and let me tell you – JOY EXPLOSION!

Yesterday my husband received some health news that may change our lives forever and it really brought home to me that living a purposeful, joy-filled life is so important. Yesterday, after conversations of doctors and life decisions, I hugged my husband and said, “Let’s go wrap up Four Peaches.” Together we went through all the fabric and patterns and sorted everything. Together we closed the lid on one dream, and set forth together toward the unknown future.

I do not consider this a failure. Or, maybe it is and I have just learned the truth of what it means to fail. Failing means you tried. Failure means you gathered all of your convictions, your strength and your determination and you jumped off that cliff with the sheer faith that you were headed in the right direction. Failure is not the end; it is the beginning of a new direction. God gives us all journeys and strength for those journeys. We are embracing the new journey set before us.

But first, we must finish the original journey. As of today, I have priced nearly everything on my site at wholesale cost or below. I have changed my free, flat shipping rate to a flat $7.00, which is my actual true cost to ship via the USPS. I thank you for your support and for your continued support of My Four Peaches blog. Knowing you are all with me on this great journey we call life, gives me great encouragement. We are women, we are blessed, and together we are strong.

Still keeping it peachy,


Binding, Clips and Rope Bowls…

Friends, I hate to be the bearer of “bad news” but the piano key border on my Dresden Plate quilt isn’t going to happen. I just don’t have enough fabric. I bought the fabric for this quilt four years ago, and well, procrastinators can’t be choosers. I am, however, doing the binding in the dark grey fabric that matches the backing, so that will be nice. I like it, and I hope you do too.

I received my 100 piece clip set that I ordered from Amazon for only $8.99 (free shipping!) and I must say I am very pleased! I was concerned that the quality would be lacking, but they are very sturdy and strong! Even my husband was impressed (which is not an easy feat!). You can still grab your set here. (affilate link) I had enough clips to hold all the binding in place on my quilt, an oversized queen, with plenty left over. Love it.

How about the cute rope bowl they are in?! Vicki Wimsett over at Sewing Doe made me a set of these amazing bowls. I have a large one and two smaller ones. They are great for holding all kinds of goodies. I love supporting other artists, especially when they create things I love, but just don’t have the patience to make myself! You can check out Vicki’s Etsy shop here. Tell her Four Peaches sent you! If you have a fabric you’d like her to use, like I did, you can send her that and she will make custom bowls just for your decor. How fun is that?!


Have yourselves a peachy day!



My husband is a Genius!

I recently converted my husband, a faithful washcloth-user, to what I call a poof-user. You know the scrunchy poofs you use in the shower to exfoliate your skin? I love my poof and he started using one, and now he loves it. It’s a win-win situation. Less laundry to wash and we go through way less soap now. Seriously, the man could go through some soap! The only issue I’ve had is, what in the world do you do with the poof after you’re done with it? In our apartment in West Texas, I have two command hooks that we hang them on. This week we are home in Texas and there is no way I am putting command hooks on my marble shower! So, I usually hang mine on a shampoo bottle or something. This morning I get in the shower to discover this truth: MY HUSBAND IS A GENIUS!



Mind blown!!!! How did I not think of this? I got so excited I started yelling from the shower, “You’re a genius!” (not that he heard me or anything! Men.) When I went back in the bathroom to take a picture of this amazing feat of male ingenuity, I told him, “I’ve never even seen this idea on Pinterest! This could go viral!” So, here we are at the Carley house, changing lives with my husband’s amazing knack of practical simplicity. It’s a tough job, but somebody’s got to do it.

Have a peachy day!


Oh, my aching back!

I have been searching for a sewing chair that doesn’t break my back (or the bank). I did order the cutest chair from O.co, but it arrived slightly damaged. After a laborious saga with their customer service, they did refund me the money and told me to keep the chair. So, being unable to find another chair that fit my cute, yet comfy mantra, I decided to make this chair work, I mean, it was free, right?

I first started out by trying to use a pillow behind my back. It helped, but every time I moved, wiggled or got up, the darn thing fell out and Fezzik (my puppy sewing buddy) thought it was a bonus lounging cushion just for him. The pillow was a step in the right direction, just not the final answer. I decided to look at our local office supply big box store to see what type of lumbar support cushions they have. The answer was – none. All of that is ordered online, which means you can’t try before you buy, and they were all so….ugly. I had searched and searched to find a cute chair, how could I plop such an ugly cushion on my super cute chair? Fashion can be painful, my friends.

This led me to my next thought, “I’ll just make my own pillow! And it will be cute!” I think I succeeded and here is what I did!

What you need:

5/8 yard of main fabric
1/4 yard accent fabric for tie backs
Filling – I used shredded foam

What I did: (I used a 1/4″ seam)

Main Fabric:
Cut two – 12 x 16 1/2″ rectangles

Then cut two – 4 1/2 x 16 1/2 pieces. I trimmed them so the top was 2 1/2″ and bottom was 4 1/2″ creating an angle.


From the remaining main fabric cut:
One – 4 1/2″ x 16 1/2″ strip (for the bottom)
One – 2 1/2″ x 16 1/12″ strip (for the top)

From the accent fabric:
Two – 4″ WOF strips

Take your accent strips, fold right sides together and create a tube. Once done, cut your tubes in half. You now should have four tubes. Lay your tube on your cutting mat and mark a three inch angle on each end. Sew directly on this line. Cut off excess fabric and turn your tube right side out. Iron it flat.

Pin your ties to the right side of one of the 12 x 16 1/2″ body pieces. Pin it 2 1/2″ from the corners. Fold up the excess tie and pin it down so you don’t catch it while sewing.


Sew the 2 1/2 strip to the top of your body and the 4 1/2″ strip to the bottom.


Pin your angled sides to the body, right sides together. Make sure the 2 1/2″ piece is at the top. Sew that together.


Now sew the top and the bottom right sides together, leave a 4″ opening in the center for stuffing. I forgot to take a picture of this!

Next, pin your sides together and sew! When you’re done it should look like this:


Turn your piece right side out, stuff and hand stitch the opening closed! Viola! You have a super cute support cushion for your chair.

A note on the stuffing- I used ripped foam that came in a bag at my local craft store. My husband has a My Pillow, and this ripped foam is very similar to what is in his pillow. I thought it would add more support than traditional stuffing. I like the “bounce” it gives and it doesn’t flatten like a traditional pillow. Fair warning though, working with it is messy but it does vacuum up nicely.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this tutorial! Please let me know your thoughts and I’d love to see your super cute support pillow!



Free to Be Me!

I love to write. I mean, I absolutely LOVE to write. The problem is, I let life get in the way and I don’t take the time to write and before you know it, several months have passed and what have I written? “That’s a big NOTHING for the win, Pat!” (sorry, channeling Wheel of Fortune there for a second). Anyway, all of that to say, I’m sorry to you and to myself for neglecting both of us! I am going to attempt to do better.

Starting Four Peaches Fabric has been an interesting experience for me. I have learned a lot about fabric, patterns, blogs, quilters, Social Media (Instagram scared the Dickens out of me!), and I have learned a lot about what I like and don’t like. I like fabric. I like fabric a lot and I like helping people experience fabric and the amazing things you can do with it even more. My main frustration as a new shop owner is budget. Budget really should be a four letter word that should not be uttered in public company. Ugh. With a new shop budget, there is no way to have everything in your shop that you want to have. This forces you to pick and choose and try to figure out what people will like. Very stressful. And then, once you have that figured out, you feel like you have to find projects that support your fabric and patterns and this really limits your creative ability and totally stresses you out, because what you’d really like to be doing is just helping people create and have fun!! Whew! Just typing that was stressful! So, I have decided to be true to you and to myself and make a few changes around here. I still have Four Peaches and we will continue to provide you cool stuff at fair prices, however, you will also start to see things that I think are cool. These may be projects, or patterns or nifty gadgets. They may or may not include affiliate links (that means if you click the link and purchase the item, I get a small commission). The point is, I want to be free to be me and that means giving myself the freedom to be my crazy, creative self. I’m freeing myself from the anti-creative chains people!!  Be on the lookout for new, exciting things in the future.

Now, onto what I’m working on! If you follow me on social media, you know that I am taking nursing classes and just finished finals! That means Spring break baby! No beaches and partying for this college girl (read grandma)! That means sewing, sewing and more sewing! I started my beloved Dresden Plate four (yes four) years ago and I am determined to finish it! I didn’t start with a pattern, I just knew what I wanted in my head and went for it. My blocks are 22″ and I decided I wanted to hand applique each plate to each block (hence the four year span!). Once I finished that, I decided I would attempt the quilt as you go (QAYG) method with sashing. I have my rows of four done and now I need to attach those and figure out a border.

I hope to have a finished quilt to show you soon! I’d love to hear about/see what you’re working on right now! Drop me a message!

Happy creating, and remember to be true to yourself!