She Blinded Me With Science!


Four Peaches Fabric will be on the road again! We will head home on Friday and spend some time with our Houston friends and family before heading on to our next adventure. With this in mind, we decided to take advantage of what will be our last weekend here in Pennsylvania and visited someplace we hadn’t been – the Carnegie Science Center. This five story building is full of hands-on science exhibits to thrill the young and not-so-young visitor. There are water exhibits, space exhibits, health science exhibits, robot exhibits, a four season model train village, a planetarium AND a vintage, real-life US Navy retired submarine. Let’s start with the space exhibits!



There is a model of the Space Station that you can walk into and experience a slice of the life the astronauts live in space. It was very interesting. Somehow, the only usable picture I took was of the space toilet, but hey, I bet you haven’t seen one before!




We enjoyed the health/medical exhibits. Most of the life size displays were under glass and we discovered there was a very good reason for this! The bones, hearts, skulls and other body parts were preserved specimens from real life people. Kind of gross and interesting all at the same time! From here we entered roboworld. There were several robotic models including a robot playing basketball. He was a really good shot. It was here that I learned that I am shorter than C3PO.


From roboworld, we moved to my second favorite exhibit of the day – the miniature train village! Growing up, my Uncle Jack had a miniature train village in his basement. I remember being in awe of the tiny houses and trains and the details! My Uncle Jack would love this village! It covered all four seasons and went through a full sun cycle, so there was day and night. The pictures truly do not do it justice.

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We followed this magical experience with a laser light show in the planetarium. I had never seen a laser light show and it was pretty cool. I do not do well with moving, 3D theaters and I only felt strange twice, so that is good! Nobody wants to be the girl that tosses her cookies in the middle of a theater!

From here, we moved onto my favorite part of our visit! The USS Requin submarine!
On January 1, 1945 the US Requin entered the water for the first time. It was home to 81 brave, American soldiers at a time, who served their country with honor. The USS Reguin was decommissioned in 1968, but was used as a training submarine from 1969 – 1971. Today she serves as a good-will ambassador educating her visitors about life and science aboard a submarine in the mid-20th Century. Preserved within her 312-foot-long hull is the technology of a bygone era. The trip through this submarine is very awe inspiring. There is no way that I would have been able to board this vessel and go under water! We also realized that Hollywood has seriously misrepresented the size of the doorways in these subs! Items of note: I LOVE all of the dials and gauges, you’ll see white handle coffee cups hanging on the wall and I figured since we started this journey with a space toilet, we should finish with a deep sea toilet!

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I hope you have enjoyed learning about our trip to the Carnegie Science Center. You can find more information on the center here. If you find yourself in the Pittsburgh area, it is a fun day trip. It’s also right across the street from Heinz Field, another fun place to see! Goodbye until next time!